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Milinski K​nives


Milinski Santoku

.115" finely flat ground to a laser edge for great slicing action

            Blue Mammoth Tusk              Clippoint Hunter

7 3/4" edc style handy all purpose design with exotic rare mammoth tusk handles and custom leatherwork

"Outback" edc

great all purpose styled design for multiple uses.  Amboyna burl wood with mosaic pins

            Chef's Boning Knife

Perfect balance for maneuverability while cutting meats or larger vegetables

Custom Cleaver

Wonderfully balanced cleaver with curves in the right places to avoid hang-ups or hand biting.  Your choice of exotic woods and pins

Custom "Outback"

This everyday carry / bird and trout knife is a great all around design. This custom had thumb jimping for extra control seen here with buffalo horn bolsters and green fossilized mammoth tusk handles

Deer Antler M.R. Hunter

Antler handled M.R. Hunter with Claro walnut bolster and classy 1/8" mosaic pins

Pairing Knife

Thin and easily workable pairing blade with amboyna handle and blue highlight. Great addition to the kitchen

The La Ferrari Project

Read more in my blog about this special project design!

Milinski Bowie

13" Overall length traditional Bowie with a modern flair.  Vine filed hand guard over Desert Ironwood and Afzelia burlwood handle

Mini Chopper

Great everyday purpose knife with a unique flair

the Sidekick EDC

6.25" Overall length with "swoop" top of cutting edge for extra thumb control. This is a great every day carry custom handmade knife! (as pictured, with tusk and micarta handle with vine patern hand engraved on spine)

Outback design with Mammoth Tusk

Fossilized mammoth tusk on a functional every day (edc) carry blade.

M.R. Hunter with premium sheath

M.R. Hunter with rare Amboyna Burl wood and premium custom sheath.

Exotic salt blued Damascus Karambit with rosewood handle.

The Curve (Recurve blade)

Nitre salt blued Damascus blade demonstrated on this coral recurve blade

Border Patrol ~ A-Tac deployment (photo courtesy of USBP)

A-Tac with custom kydex sheath designed for our United States Border Patrol

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo ~ Mammoth Tusk and tooth knives

M.R. designs with fossilized mammoth tusk (top) and tooh (lower) handlesM.R. designs with fossilized mammoth tusk (top) and tooh (lower) handles

Outback Knife

Rare fossilzed Mammoth Tusk handle with red liners and filework on spine

Outback knife filework

Vine pattern hand filed in spine area of steel

A-Tac ~ "Attack" Tactical Knife

Unique Damascus Tactical design with paracord handle (multiple uses in the field from fishing, binding, strapping, etc...7 internal strings = 70ft. of available twine) - OAL 8.5inches

Carbon Fiber

sold sample of carbon fiber handled blade

Texas Hunter

Local Texas harvested Spalted Pecan handled classic design with Texas star pins

Leather Sheaths

Leather sheaths are designed to each specific knife with attention to detail including lining with New Zealand stag skin for a fantastic and stylish finish.

M.R. - Special Edition

This design included a thumb stop down turn with a false edge on the top of the blade. Redwood burl handle with red micarta liner

M.R. Special Edition (back)

M.R. Hunter - 100 yr. old barnwoodM.R. Hunter - 100 yr. old barnwood

Another depiction of the MR Hunter with walnut bolster and 100 year old barnwood from a barn in Australia (curly maple)Another depiction of the MR Hunter with walnut bolster and 100 year old barnwood from a barn in Australia (curly maple)

M.R. Classic

8.5" polished Damascus blade with Mother of Pearl (grade A) handle and water buffalo horn bolsters

M.R. Classic

Spine design with mirrored brass scale inserts attched with matching mosaic pins

Exotic Skinner

The ideal shape for skinning. 6 7/8" OAL with rare figured Mesquite wood handle and fancy mosaic pins. Price $295

MR Mammoth Hunter back

Filework runs the length of the blade

Finger Lakes Fillet (OAL 10")Finger Lakes Fillet (OAL 10")

Unique fillet knife with sealed blade finish and grip enhancing shaped handle with custom mosaic pinsUnique fillet knife with sealed blade finish and grip enhancing shaped handle with custom mosaic pins

Finger Lakes Fillet (back)

Handfiled vine design with custom decorated lanyard for extra control

M.R. Hunter - Dessert Ironwood handle

M.R. (8.5" OAL)

Snakewood handle

M.R. Hunter

Handle made wth silver and black Carbon Fiber

Sambar Stag M.R. Hunter

handmade Damascus M.R. hunter blade design with Sambar stag.

Blued Customization Option

This is a unique bluing process offered (not heat bluing).  Contact for more information

Bull Nosed Butcher

A great addition to the BBQ pit or kitchen

Hybrid Hunter

MR Hunter design with hybrid resin/wood handle


Japanese styled blade (select finish of blade from sliver to black and even nitre blued damascus!)

Stag skin lined custom sheaths

High-grade cowhide leather with professional tooling, lined with deerskin, and beautiful finishing

Blog – Updates and Info

Ay Karambit !!!

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 4:09 PM

A unique build indeed. These karambits were a client request for specific parameters and extended my learning this past year. The karambit is a special use weapon designed in the Philippines many years ago to resemble a tiger's claw - It probably was derived from one of their farming tools at the time and has become a very popular curved tool with multiple uses.

The blade has a round finger ring at the end allowing the user to hold the blade backward along the forearm for complete control. I used a complex nitre-bluing salt bath approach to achieve the multi-colored finish from some amazing dragonskin damascus. Curves were hand ground and the back of the blade sports my traditional vine patterned hand filing design.

Another rendition of the the karambit is this rosewood handled blued curved damascus with a unique forged curved blade:

2020 New Creations

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 3:43 PM

2020 is shaping up to be a fun year with new designs that were created recently to meet client's interested and needs. As always, please send any questions to me through the contact page and please check out the most recent creations via Instagram at @milinskiknives Thanks for your support!

Mini Choppa - The Mini chopper is a great multi-use design that allows good maneuverability with a special thumb control swedge.

Bull Nosed Butcher - This design works great for BBQ Masters and kitchen task masters alike!

Hybrid Hunter - A slight variation to the MR Hunter with a longer blade and hybrid handle material

Japanese Kiradashi - A fun addition to the collection - the kiradashi is a handy little blade for multiple uses or collections

Field Skinner - This is a curved / blunt tipped skinning tool with the looks to boot - Super handy in the field for hunters to skin hides while avoiding any unwanted punctures.

The Ferrari Knife Project ...La Ferrari

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017 12:18 PM

The La Ferrari knife journey…..following is the result of what began as a brainstorming session with a good friend to present his colleague with a unique gift. The idea was to bring to life the essence of Ferrari’s Supercar, the La Ferrari and Its’ distinct features into a handmade knife design.

It began with initial drawings that included the curves and racing stripes as well as colors, distinct horse and carbon fiber highlights the Ferrari is recognized for.

Next came the design of the handle scales and grinding the profile of the blade....

...embedding tire caps from Ferrari wheels into the handle itself!...

Next came the edge grinding and sharpening to make sure the Ferrari Knife not only looked good but was shaving sharp....

This was the result of the final touches of designing a sheath that would match the features and set it off...